VIII International Congress «ERA-GLONASS»
Gostiny Dvor
GLONASS in Digital Economy
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Congress Programme


Registration of participants


Plenary Session (Colosseum Hall)
VIII International ERA-GLONASS Congress – GLONASS in digital economy


Mikhail Yakovlevich Blinkin, Chairman of the Public Council in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Director of the Transport Economics and Transport Policy Institute, Higher School of Economics.

Welcome address:

Sergey Borisovich Ivanov, Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport;
Yury Ivanovich Borisov, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government;
Yevgeny Ivanovich Ditrikh, Minister of Transport of the RF;
Igor Yevgenyevich Levitin, Assistant to the President of the RF;
Alexander Nikolaevich Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the RF;
Igor Anatolyevich Milashevsky, Director General of GLONASS JSC.


  1. Traffic police with ERA-GLONASS – a state initiative to improve road safety.
    Aleksey Konstantinovich Semenov, Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation;
  2. GLONASS in digital economy; GLONASS JSC today and tomorrow: results of 2015-2018, strategy and near future.
    Ilya Valentinovich Akselrod, Deputy Director General on business development for GLONASS JSC;
  3. The state and prospects of development of GLONASS system.
    Yuri Matevich Urlichich, First Deputy General Director for the Development of the Orbital Group and Priority Projects;
  4. The EVAC project.
    Denis Ivanovich Yeremin, Deputy Development Director of the DTOO Institute of Space Technique and Technology (Kazakhstan);
  5. Test systems for ADAS components. Simulation of navigation signals.
    Gegam Vardyanyan, Development Director of YEA Engineering (Armenia);
  6. Digital railway.
    German Viktorovich Sukonnikov, Deputy head of IT Department, Russian Railways JSC;
  7. ERA-GLONASS as a market driver. The future. The Russian Autodata service information and telematic platform and NTI Avtonet projects.
    Alexander Olegovich Gurko, Co-Head of NTI AVTONET Roadmap Development and Implementation Work Group, President of GLONASS NCP, a member of the Government Commission for Modernization of Economy and Innovative Development of Russia;
  8. Development of national GLONASS-based technologies.
    Vasily Viktorovich Shpak, Director General of NIIMA Progress JSC;
  9. High accuracy positioning of objects.
    Boris Valentinovich Shebshaevich, Director General of RIRT JSC.


Lunch break


Roundtable discussion 1(Conference Hall “Action”)
Road safety


Mikhail Yevgenyevich Korablev, GLONASS JSC Design Manager.


  1. Road traffic safety improvement – promising development areas for ERA-GLONASS.
    Mikhail Yevgenyevich Korablev, GLONASS JSC Design Manager;
  2. ERA-GLONASS devices: implementation at EEU and UNECE – status and prospects.
    Boris Viktorovich Kisulenko, Vice-Chairman of WP.29, the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations of the UN Economic Commission for Europe;
  3. Information schemes and solutions for insurance telematics.
    Andrey Alexandrovich Makletsov, Head of Loss Adjustment Technique Department of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI)
  4. Tools for road traffic safety provision using GLONASS technologies.
    Artyom Vyacheslavovich Lopatin, Director General of GLONASS BDD LLC;
  5. Remote vehicle condition monitoring by the Dongle Mazda system for providing traffic safety.
    Thomas Rothe, Director of the Technical and Aftersales Maintenance of Mazda Motor Rus Department;
  6. Why is V2X the next step after ERA-GLONASS?
    Vladimir Sergeevich Makarenko, Development Director of Fort-Telecom;
  7. Methods and means of prevention of, response to and reconstruction of road traffic accidents.
    Vitaly Yevgenyevich Poltoratsky, Director General of the TransNetIQ Group of Companies.

Questions and discussion.


Coffee break


Roundtable discussion 2 (Conference Hall “Action”)
Regional projects and international cooperation


Artem Mikhailovich Klimovsky, Commercial Director of GLONASS JSC.


  1. Prospects of introducing GLONASS devices in linked industries (sectors).
    Mikhail Yevgenyevich Korablev, GLONASS JSC Design Manager;
  2. Practical works on integration of ERA GLONASS and eCall: arrival at trial operation.
    Risto Öörni, Expert of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland;
  3. “On-road assistance” in partnership with GLONASS JSC: 1st year results and development prospects.
    Dmitry Leonidovich Blekher, Director for IT and Cybersecurity Development of the Russian Automobile Partnership (RAP);
  4. Best practices of rendering additional services to the customers based on ERA-GLONASS system
    Denis Gennadievich Furaev, Customer Service Director of Cesar Satellite GC;
  5. Digitalization of the regional transport sector.
    Leonid Sergeevich Paramonov, Director for Cooperation with Public Authorities and Regional Development of the T-1 Group JSC;
  6. Ability to control the dislocation of containers during transportation.
    Pavel Vladilenovich Polyakov, Advisor to the General Director of PJSC TransContainer;
  7. BigLock system as a key element in digital conveyor logistics.
    Dmitry Valerievich Andryushin, Deputy head of Operations Department of CC "IPK "STRAJ";
  8. Data and transport, current status and prospects
    Sergey Vladimirovich Irevly, Director of the Department of M2M/IoT , JSC Mobile TeleSystems.

Questions and discussion.

Signing of agreements

  1. Agreement with the Federal Forestry Agency of Russia (Rosleskhoz).

Agreement “On the cooperation procedure for the Federal Forestry Agency and the joint-stock company GLONASS with vehicle monitoring by Automated Facility Monitoring System based on the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS”.


  • Ivan Vladimirovich Valentik, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal Forestry Agency;
  • Igor Anatolievich Milashevsky, Director General of GLONASS JSC.
  1. Agreement of the State Unitary Enterprise “Centre of information technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan”

Agreement “On the cooperation procedure for the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Tatarstan “Centre of information technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan” and Joint-Stock Company GLONASS in exercising control over vehicles using the Automated Facility Monitoring System based on the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS.”


  • Almaz Abdulkhakovich Valiullin, General Director of the State Unitary Enterprise “Centre of information technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan”;
  • Igor Anatolievich Milashevsky, General Director of GLONASS JSC.